Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Best Jewlery Organizer

OK So this is like the BEST jewlery organizer i've found so far !!! you can mount it on the wall or hang it over the door !!! it doesn't take any space in the room and it holds A LOT !!! i was thinking those individual jewlery organizers are like $10 each and by the time you get a lot of them it's about the same price or more ..lol.... so i really hope you guys like it too !!! or you have any better suggestions , pls let me know , perhaps i will use it in the future ..lol....   here's the link to the video                      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jvecmvwraZA
Ok here are the pix !!!



  1. This is very cool! I need something like this. Right now all my necklaces and bracelets are all tangled in a makeup bag.

  2. yeah i love love this organizer !!! before my necklaces were hanging with the belts and every time i tried to get one necklace ,the other ones fell on the floor ...lol... and now everything is out of the way yet i could still put all of my jewleries together !!! :)

  3. haha yeah , i love that pink yoshi ...lol...that's my favorite one in super mario , all i want to do is to ride one of those pink yoshi haha ...

  4. whoa this is so cool! you have an amazing collection^^
    drey jewelry.

  5. wow thanks so much andrey ..lol... i shall get more jewleries in the future ..lol...to fill those gaps ..lol...have a great day !!!


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