Friday, August 27, 2010

Skin Care Series 1

Ok my first skin care video is rendering now i will upload it pretty soon !!!
First of all i want to thank MrYungFatal again for the intro beats !!!
And also i want to thank Jon ( For helping me make the NICE intro !!! that's so so SWEET of HIM ... he has been giving me good suggestions and trying to help me improve my video quality , he recommended and sent me some great video editing softwares for free and that's just so generous of him !!! and he made me a nice intro last night ... that's just so so touching !!! and it's totally blown me away .... thanks so so much for all the people who's helped me and i will never forget you and i will try my best to make better videos !!! 
Ok down below are the products i mentioned that i've been using for myself
I got this from target and i think you can get it from most drugstores

I mentioned this cleanser in my Junes hits&misses and i ordered it on ebay ,it's around $12

It's a brand in China and i really like it !!! but too bad i put it in my suitcase and the top was broken on the plane .

This one is also from China , it's much cheaper than the other ones but the reason i like it is b/c it's super natural and doesn't irritate my skin and very moisturizing !!!

OK The next pix is to show you the seven steps to wash your face that i draw on that model ..:D

Ok i hope this video will help you guys and take care everyone

Love&Care ,


  1. ahah :) the image is really helpful :)
    great job CeCe ;)

  2. haha thanks was thinking about how to let you guys see better then i digged out a magzine and looked for a face that's perfect for the "drawing"


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