Tuesday, August 17, 2010

STAY AWAY FROM ---- LensCircle.com

Ok i don't usually complain about stuff ...but this time it's kinda out of  control...
So like i mentioned in my "would u rather beauty tag" video that i ordered some new contact lenses , i was so so excited cos after i get those new lenses , i would do a japan & korea celeb inspired look ... i chose the Lenscircle.com cos i always heard good reviews about it and i like their lovely bags that come with the lenses ... and that's about two weeks ago ... and the first email i got from them is to tell me that the lenses i ordered were OUT OF STOCK ... it's like a big surprise to me .... what don't u show sth on ur website that's out of stock and i wasted a few days just to wait for nothing ? But i decided to give it another try , so i ordered something different you know , just to see if they have those lenses instead .... and i had been waiting for the shipment for about one week ... and then i noticed that the credit card has never been charged ....So i wrote to them , they told me "sorry but the contact lenses you ordered were OUT OF STOCK..." ARE U KIDDING ? what kind of website is that ??? i'm totally frustrated .... it's not about the money ...it's about all these time i've been waiting .... and TIME IS MONEY !!! Anyway , i just want you guys to know about it and don't make the same mistake i made ...and ordered it from somewhere else .

i wouldn't just give up like that , so i ordered it from another website that i used before(asianfashioncity.com) ... hopefully this time will work out all right !!! sorry guys , looks like it will be another week before i could make those vids .... but i will upload a cooking video pretty soon ...lol...stay tuned !!! LOVE YOU ALL !!! 


  1. omg o.o i think they are crazy.. If they have this behaviour, they'll lose their customers ._.
    By the way, don't worry, we'll wait xDD

  2. thanks so much for your patience ... i think they will lose their customers too ....i just checked their website it's under maintenance...lol...must be too much complainning from the customers ...


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