Hi, I'm CeCe - a beauty and fashion vlogger with Stylehaul.inc. I had graduated from a private foreign language university in China three years ago with a B.A. in English Translation. I immigrated to the United States few months after my graduation and I am currently enrolled in a local university in CA to get another B.A. in Finance. I am very proud to be a honors student with GPA of 4.0.

Beauty and Fashion have always been a passion of mine. Youtubeland is like a fairy land where my dreams come true. Thanks for all your love and support^^

 FAQ's :
1. Ethnicity ?
- I'm 100% Chinese .

2.Why are u named PandorasPalette ?
-- I chose Pandora because i have so many different ideas for my blog and videos, i want to leave room for further exploration. I chose Palette because it is a metaphor that my life and my channel would be colourful and stylish !

3.Height ? Weight?
-- I'm 5'4",98 pounds

4. What camera do you use?
- Canon Rebel T3i 

5. What's your favorite makeup brand?
- I do not have a favorite, the one works the best is my favorite. Every brand has a best product and that is what i am looking for.

6. A random fact about you ?
- I'm very obsessive with keeping in shape and getting the perfect grades.

7.Your personal interests?
- Makeup, fashion, singing, drawing,violin,guitar.


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For business inquires only, please contact CeCe at PandorasPalette@gmail.com
For Personal emails or request, please message me on my youtube channel:
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