Sunday, November 27, 2011

NEO Cosmo Grey & EOS Barbie Doll Blue Circle Lenses Review & Giveaway -

Hi loves ^^
I know i've been doing lots of circle lenses review and giveaway lately, hope you guys don't get tired of watching those Even though they're all circle lenses, they are different brands, colors...etc. And it's important

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Day to Night Makeup Tutorial - Sheer Cover Makeup Review & Demo - BFVA

Hi everyone, i haven't done a makeup review and tutorial for a long time:) So today i'm going to show you guys how to transfer your daytime makeup look into a night-time party look:) It's very easy.

I went to the BFVA event

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Vlog 2 Living a healthy life with Fooducate - How to use Fooducate App

Hi everyone, this is just a quick vlog to introduce you guys to an app i'm in love with lately - the Fooducate App. I found out about it from a health magzine, and i had been using it ever since. It does require internet access but it's so simple to use and it gives you detailed information about a food, such as chips, breads, juice..etc. I'm very impressed with the used to think Naked Juice and Coco puffs are good, until i scanned them with the Anyways, i hope you guys find this helpful and don't forget to let me know any apps you're in love with lately and i just love to exchange ideas with you guys:) have a great evening!

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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Vlog - CeCe's Cute Dog - Pomeranian Yoshi & My first smartphone Droid Bionic

Hi everyone, yay for the second video this i think i'm finally catching This is the official introduction of Yoshi - my new pomeranian pet. I met her at a local Petco and decided to take her home for a two week trial... you guys all know what happened at the end - i fell in love with her and decided to keep her:)

She was rescued as a stray, it makes me sad to think that her old owners would desert such a sweet dog... She likes to be with me too and she is just very mellow and sweet. But she likes to play with toys too, i love watching her doing her patty so so funny ^^ She adds lots of responsibility to my "plate", but she definitely changes my life for better!!! Let me know if you guys want to see her more often:P

The second part of the video is just to show you guys my first smartphone ! It's the new dual-core LTE droid bionic, i'm in love with this phone, because it's so fast and works so well!!! I can't go anywhere without it:) Ok guys, that's it for today, i hope you enjoy this video:) I just finished filming two videos, but had to stop because my battery ran more video to film before i call it a night:) I hope you guys are having a great time too^^


Sunday, November 6, 2011

EOS Dolly Eye Grey Circle Lenses Review and Giveaway 韩国可爱娃娃灰色彩瞳

Hi guys, like i promised in my last video, there will be another giveaway for you guys and here it is:) This time i'm reviewing the EOS dolly eye grey circle lenses, they are more dramatic than the ones i reviewed before, but it would be great for a dress up party or something like that:) Also it might have something to do with my brown eyes, which make them appear blue?I don't know it looks more natural in daylight instead of the lighting kit i used in filming. Anyways, i already finished editing my "introducing my new pet" video, so it should be ready to upload this weekend:)
Also, i want to let you guys know that i'm' trying to reach 10,000 subscribers before my birthday on 12/19, and if i do reach my goal, i will have another giveaway for you guys and i will be shipping out products myself:) so i will be really thankful if you can share my channel with your friends and families:)
Ok that is it for today, i hope you guys have a great weekend!

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4. Comment below and tell me about your pet if you have one. If you don't have one, let me know if you want to have a pet and what kind of pet would you get, i will be very happy to read all your comments^^

Good luck everyone!!!
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