Friday, March 23, 2012

One Carat Candles Review and Giveaway - Day At The Beach

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About the One Carat Candles:
Retail Price: $19.99 / 13oz
"A surprise in every candle. every one carat candle contains all natural soy wax and a pair of earrings valued from $10 to $3,000."
- The candle has a very clean and even burn
- The scent is very relaxing and long-lasting.
- The earrings inside of the candle is a really nice bonus!

For more information, visit One Carat Candles Official Website:

Giveaway Rules:
Note: the winner will be announced 1-2 days after the end of the contest via my facebook fan page and twitter, so be sure to follow me to get the new updates^^

Open internationally. Contest ends at 12:00 pm on April, 16th PST

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3. Go to the and pick out the candle you want and tell me in the comment below.

I love the blue candle, very calm and peaceful^^

You can see from the side view that the earrings are very well sealed

The burn is very clean and even, not like some candles i have.

The earrings are very nice. I love the size, the color and the style.

Small earrings for small

Friday, March 16, 2012

Circle Lenses Review: Magic Eye Amethyst -

Magic Eye Amethyst Circle Lenses

Hi everyone, so here is another circle lenses review for you guys^^ This time i'm going to review the Magic Eye Amethyst circle lenses from I've done two reviews for them so far, and i really like their customer service as well as the quality of their circle lenses. All of the circle lenses i have reviewed for them so far are very comfortable and natural looking.

I love this circle lenses a lot because it makes my eyes look "glistening"! It is i high recommend this one because the color is not overwhelming yet the style makes your eyes look "cartoony":)

Anyways, hope you guys like this review as always, i will have another giveaway coming up soon^^


The order comes with a facial mask and one cute bow

Brand: Magic Eye
14.5mm /water content 38%
◦KF&D Administration and CE Approved
◦Better comfort and enlargement effect
◦Thin material allowing your eyes to receive more oxygen
◦Nano Lens technology

Monday, March 12, 2012

Vlog: All about my Braces - 7 months update- Overbite picture before and after

Hi everyone, so a lot of you guys have requested me to do a video about my braces, and here it is! I got my braces at the end of last July, so it's been about 7 months now! Time flies by so fast... i have to wear my braces for about 2 years. The first process is to get my teeth almost straight; the second process which i'm doing right now is to adjust my overbite by using rubber band. The last process is to do the "fine tuning" and make my teeth aligned more perfectly. Anyways, i talked more in detail about my braces in my video, so please enjoy! Hope this is helpful for you guys^^ Let me know if you have any question! 

Before my braces 

Right after i got my braces. Looks like the braces just make
any teeth look worse than they really are:P

It's slowly changing...

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Vlog - Updated What's In My Purse - Alexa Studded Leather Bag

Hi everyone, i'm CeCe. So this  is a updated "what's in my purse". I posted my last "what's in my purse" video about a year ago, and now i have a
 new purse and carry a little bit different things around with me.

So the purse i'm carryiny to school with me every day is the Alexa Studded Calfskin Leather Bag in Black . I got it from Before i show you guys what's inside of this purse, i want to do a brief review on this purse.
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