Monday, January 31, 2011 Review&coupon code (Face slimming toner skin relief massager and purple USB Powered Winter hand warmers)

Hi everyone, how are u guys doing? probably are busy doing school or work like me? lol... then I'm happy that you would take your time to watch my videos and relax a little bit:) I just got out of school and now i'm wearing my "youtube hat":P  I miss the days when i can focus more on youtube:( But hard work pays off, someday i will appreciate school more! I have no trouble following instructions in my classes, so that's a good thing, and i feel pretty confident that I can get a good grade. So now I'm gradually squeeze more time for my youtube videos:P

I don't know if you could tell, but I love gadgets, some people might laugh at me, but I think gadgets are fun and they make life easier:P I would say lots of people are like me, because iphone and ipad and ipod are all considered "gadget" in some respect. Anyway a while ago, a website called "" contacted me and asked if i was interested in reviewing some of their gadgets, I was like "hey, how do you know i like gadgets?", so i went on their website :

New* 5% side wide, no expiration date, Coupon code:

And i saw tons of different gadgets there and what's surprising to me is they're very affordable!!! Also they told me all the orders from their website is free shipping which is great for me! It's just for orders under $200, you don't get a tracking number, which is fine cos how often do we track our package? I know i don't cos the package comes when it comes. We can't use magic to make it So i picked out two things from their website:

1. 8 pcs Set Face Slimming Toner Skin Relief Massager (

2. Purple USB Powered Winter Hands Warmer Gloves (

And they're under $20 together... wow that's amazing!!! It's the first time i do a review for a website, so i tried to cover good sides and "not so good" side for you guys. And all my opinions are 100% honest as usual and i'm not paid to make this video, so i hope you would enjoy this video, if you have any questions, please let me know and i will see you in my next video:) Have a great day!


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Chinese New Year's Makeup Tutorial

Hi Everyone, i miss u guys a lot!!! it's been almost a week since last time i uploaded a video... sorry guys, i really miss making videos and sharing it here with you guys:) If you watched my "youtube partner thank you" video, you would know that i started a full time school last wednesday, and i have been busy with school, getting text books and other materials ready for school, homework and all those stuff make me super tired everyday (Plus i just got a macbook pro, and i've been trying to get used to that and figuring everything out ) i guess i got so used to the days without school :P 

Good thing i recorded a few videos before school started, this is one of them:P i hope you guys like this tutorial that inspired by my chinese traditional outfit  (As you guys required:), and this video is already too long, so i will show you my outfit in another video:) it's 2:14 pm right now, and i have another class at 4:00pm, so i'd better hurry up:P 

(P.S. I will try to get used to everything and keep a balance between my youtube and other stuff that's going  )



Products Used:

Nail Polish:
China Glaze:Passion
Sephora by O.P.I -- Only Gold For Me Top Coat
Milani Nail Art ---Art Of God

Too Faced Shadow Insurance
 Urban Decay Naked Palette
 Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeliner in Whiskey
 L'oreal Hip Duo Eyeshadow in Flashy & Adventurous
MAC Eyeshadow in RANI
MAC Pigments in Reflect Bronze
Maybline Lash Stiletto Mascara
Revlon Colorstay Liquid Eye Pen
R&R Contrived Pressed Blush -- Immoral
MAC Lipstick in Gulabi

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Updated What's In My Purse:)

Hi everyone, so today i'm going to show you what i'm carrying in my purse:) I did one before, but that's like a few months ago, and it took me few hours to film that one...i "stammered" a lot while i was felt much better this time, after it was over, i was like "that's it? it's". I basically carried some of the same thing, and i stopped carrying my makeup bag cos it's too heavy and the chance of my using it is very Hope you like it, there's a little blooper at the Enjoy:)

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Friday, January 14, 2011

Youtube Partner !!! Thank You & Shout Outs (Dedicated to you all !!! )

Today is my official announcement that I'm a youtube partner!!! I'm so thankful for all of your support in the past five months... I'm like speechless right now... I couldn't help crying while i was recording this video, cos it's truly touching to me... so I submitted my application on Dec.28th and got accepted on 30th... that's so shocking to me...but on the other hand, I was so happy that all those hard work paid off...I've been taking Youtube more seriously than a full time job... I didn't make the announcement earlier is because I was working on the banner and all the other stuff about my channel, and also I had been working a lot on new blog. Second of all, I didn't want to just make a short announcement without thanking my special friends and supporters!!! To let them know that how much I truly appreciate them! And in 2011, i will try to upload two videos a week, and more blog posts and tweets and of course more giveaways thanks so much for your support!!!

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Also thank all my twitter followers and facebook friends!!!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Sneak Peak Into My Closet!!! ---- Clothes, shoes, purses and More!!!

Hi everyone:) I'm so excited to show you my closet ! I can't say i'm obsessed with making things organized, but i like the feeling of being able to know exactly where everything is and not spending hours digging for something:P And i know i'm kinda talktive, and it takes a little big too long, i will know next time:) (in a updated closet tour or something like that). Anyway i'm not showing off or anything, just think you guys would like to see my closet, that's all:) So i hope you enjoy it and if you have any questions, pls comment below, and i will see you guys next time:)

Have a great day!

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Friday, January 7, 2011

Want to transfer your blog posts from your one blog to the other??

My Dear Followers,
       I'm so excited to figure out a way to transfer the blog posts from my old blog to the new one:) so i don't feel like someone cut a piece of meat of Well i almost had my mind set on never being able to transfer my old posts here....and i was browsing through my blog yesterday and i went to "my settings", and the first choice is "import & export blog post", i was shocked, how could i not noticed that before??? Anyway, that means i have to export my blog posts from my old blog first, so i signed in my old blog, and went to "settings" and clicked on "export blog post", it only took like few seconds...that's very fast!!! And i just signed in my new blog and clicked "import", you can choose "don't publish post", so you can decide which posts you want to publish in your new blog. So i did that, now i have like 48 posts now:) (not include this one:) I feel so excited!!! I know some of you guys probably already know this trick, but just in case you didn't know, i hope this can help you a little bit:) Just want to share my excitement with you guys!!! I will try to record more videos tomorrow, hopefully i will have lots of videos ready before school starts:)


Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Year's Eve Outfit & Update

Hi everyone, so this was recorded on the New Year's Eve, lots of you guys suggested me to wear something that's more casual, and that's why i wanted to show you guys my new year's outfit, cos it's very casual and comfortable and suitable for work and school:) I didn't dress up cos in chinese culture new year's not until february and perhaps i need to dress up then? but i will be sure to do a Chinese's New Year's makeup tutorial:)

Thanks so so much everyone for subbing me and supporting me for all these time, i can never get where i am today without you !!! I will talk about it more in a video or a blog post:) Just want you guys to know that i appreciate it very much and i will try to be better in 2011, meaning more videos and more blog posts, i've been trying to read stuff and do researches to improve my blog, and hopefully it will be better this year!!! Love you all and i hope the new year makes everything better and take care!!!

(P.S. I decide to make a video thanking each one of you and also give special thanks to my youtube friends,and all my subbies that write to me and comment on my video all the time:) and now i need to make a list, don't want to forget anyone!!! )

Btw, i saw something really funny at Lucille today, just want to share with you guys:)
That's the best and funniest survey i've ever seen:) very created!!!

My favorite lunch entree is BBQ Lunch Platter, i like St. Louis Spare Rib, Tri Tip and
Beef  Brisket, and of course it also comes with sweet potato fries
and a piece of watermelon, YUM!!! yeah i know you're probably wondering how
can i eat all that... i can never finish the whole thing, so i end up packing half of
it for lunch the next day !!! LOL...

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

My Skin Care Routine --- For Sexier and Healthier Skin

First of all, this is my new blog page:) I didn't post too much in my old blog cos it required me to sign out of my youtube account and sign in with a different email address... and that wasted lots of time:( that's why i was not very motivated to do more posts, sorry guys, but now i have a new blog page and i want to post more often and if you guys have any suggestions, feel free to let me know:) I'm always there to listen:)
Wish you all a wonderful 2011 !!! 
Check out my older posts before 2011 here:
Ok here are my skin care routine videos:)

From I like it better than that Mint Julep one:P

You can find this one at most drugstores and it's around $8, sometimes they
will have it on sale too:)

I like this moisturizer, it lasts super long!!! I tested out on my hand before i got it,
and i was not that impressed, but when i put it on my face, i noticed a big difference
and now i really like it :) It doesn't irritate my skin at all! Again, you can find this at
most drugstores for around $10.

 I like this scrub, i used it all over my body too, it just leaves my skin very soft and clean.
As for blackheads, i don't think it totally get rid of your blackheads or blemishes, like
it says, it's just for blackhead control, but if you use it more often, you would notice
less blackheads. You can find it at Target, Walmart or most drugstore for around $4.

 I got this one from It's like a very popular korean brand. And i really
like the smell for some reason:P It's very soft and bouncy like a and it
really deep moisturize my skin over night !!!

As for this toner, it's not as great as i expected, cos i do smell some fragrance
when i spray it on the cotton balls, but it's very gentle and i also got this from, it's only around $4.

Another cream from my haul at, it's basically just a very
thick moiturizer for your eyes.

I would say this is the best drugstore brand eyecream, i don't see a huge difference, and
i will be surprised if any eyecream would really get rid of your wrinkles and stuff, cos
we can only prevent the wrinkles but not getting rid of them once the wrinkles were
formed, that's why most celebrities just use Botox.

Another asian skin care product, i got it from (i had a haul there so...) i really
like it, it removes all my makeup and it's very mild:)

I actually talked about it in my skin care series one video, and i purchased it on
Ebay, i think it's around $15.

I absolutely love this olive oil, and this is my second bottle (it lasts I used it like every
day to detail clean my eyes and sometimes your eyelashes fall in your eyes, i would
take this olive oil with my Q-tip and just gently take it out. Some ppl use cooking olive
oil, which is fine,but i still prefer to use beauty olive oil.

I love this toner, but it's almost gone...i'm not sure if they make the same toner here
in US, cos i got it from China, they have different skin care line there i think?

Ok guys, i hope this would help you and if you have any questions, leave a comment here or my twitter or facebook and you know where to find me:P I'm sorry if i mentioned too many asian skin care products from i do prefer to use asian products,  cos it's designed for asian type of skin. As for that website, i'm not in any way doing advertisement for them, and i got the stuff there with my own money. They offer free shipping for orders over $75, that's why i would order a lot of stuff at once. And also they have English page too, so if you are ever interested in checking it out, you can. Just be aware that the shipping could take very long since they're currently moving their companies took me like two months to get my i almost gave up... But never give up that easily right? 


Sunday, January 2, 2011

"Farewell" --- My Last Post In This Blog ...

Hi My Beloved Followers,

    First of all, thanks so so much for all your support and msg over the last few months! I really appreciate it deep inside my heart! I'm so sorry i didn't post more often in 2010, part of the reason is that i had to sign out of my youtube account every time in order to sign in this blog and after i post stuff i had so sign back in youtube again... so it's really not the most effective way for me and that's why i decided to make a new blog page that connect to my youtube account, so it's much easier for me to update my blog:) And in 2011, i will try to post more often and if you guys have any suggestions or advices, please feel free to let me know, i'm always here to listen! At last, i want to say thank you again to all of you!!! I love you guys!!! And i'll try to be better in 2011 ! Please follow my new blog and stay with me:)


My New Blog Page :
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