Friday, December 31, 2010

Run To CVS, BIG Makeup SALE 50% -- 75% OFF!

Hi everyone, i got the news yesterday and i was so excited and i went to two different CVS, they hadn't put out the sale marks the lady works there told me "i have 25 pages of stuff to mark"...hey good for us :P So today i went to another CVS and the beauty section was on the back and there were not so many ppl there yet, and there're LOTS of beauty items marked as 75% off !!! that means you get four of the same items for the price of one item:) ok now i'm going to share with you guys what i got:)

Ok here are all the products i got and now i have individual pix .. i saved like $100 today and i spent only $30 for ALL THOSE !

Ok first are two L'oreal Hip Eyeshadows. It opens both sides,  one side is the duo eyeshadow and
the other side is a mirror and a sponge brush.

The eyeshadow is very smooth and pigmented, i can't believe it and it has a
subtle shimmer in it, i should have got FOUR !!! well i might come back
there tomorrow and get two more:)

First one is like a shimmery forest green color and the other one is a VERY PREETY
shimmery bronze color!!!

These are four different colors of Rimmel lipgloss, they're all very juicy and watery, and smell like one on the right is "cookie" and it does smell like a chocolate cookie:P

Relvon Lipstick, my love !!! this color is called "paparazi pink" i think? and i haven't
put it on my lips yet , but it looks like a pretty color:P
I have some loose powders but i felt like i needed one looks pretty cute
but when i opened it, i was a little disappointed cos it didn't include a puffy cotton pad like
it had on the cover:P but except for that, it's all right, the powder is very fine and smooth but
it kinda smells

All right guys, that's all i got from CVS, you might see the sally beauty bobby pins in the
pix too, yeah i got those cos they come with a metal box and it would be less
messy if i bring bobby pins with me travelling in the future:P

Today is New Year Eve, i wish you all the best in the coming new year and wish you all dreams
come true !!! i will always be the CeCe i'm used to be:) and i will try my best
to be better :) 

I love Revlon nail polishes, it has a lot of choice of colors and different
finishes, so if they're on sale for 75% off , i have to get them:)
I've ever tried these Rimmel eyeshadow pencil before, but i did some
swatches on my hand, they're very shimmery and pretty and creamy!!!
kinda like NYX jumbo pencils but with more shimmers in it:) They could
be used alone or as a base for the eyeshadow:)
This is the HIP loose pigment, i tested it out when i came back home,
omg i LOVE the color!!! it looks like a lime green color,but when i applied it
on my eyes, it reflects a very pretty gold shimmer... love love love!
HIP again:) this is a highly pigmented gloss, the color shows very well
and last very long! and not as sticky as MAC



  1. great post! i think i will head to cvs today to see what i can find! thanks for taking the time to post pictures and great details! ( btw im barbielovesmac100 from YT )

    btw let me know how you like the revlon polishes, bc i bought 2 from them in the summer and i found that they chipped off after 1 day! oh and if you can find it the coty airspun LUMINOUS frangrance free powder is AMAZING! i use to as a glowy all over powder or sometimes just as a stuble hightlight and it works great!
    and the hip pigment i *think* is suppose to be a dupe for vanilla pigment =)

  2. aw hi Keri:) i'm coming here to write my last post in this blog... happy to see you here:)i like the nail polishes, they're really nice colors!!! yeah i used that loose powder and i like it too:) better than i thought:P


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