Thursday, April 19, 2012

Simple Spring Outfit Of The Day (cropped top w/ back zipper / high waist skinny jeans)

Hi everyone, I know i haven't posted anything for a while. 
I went to Florida during my spring break. When i came back home, i jumped  
right back to school and other things that i need to take care of. 
I hardly have anything for Anyways, I miss you guys 
lot, hope you like this OOTD. It was filmed at the beginning of April, when it 
was still a little bit chilly outside. That is why i wore long jeans and sweater:P 
Anyways, Enjoy^^ 

My outfit:
Cropped top with back zipper sweater:
(love the style and quality of the sweater!)

High waist skinny jeans:
Rock& Republic 

Alex studded purse 

Shoes- 达芙妮
Sunglasses - Prada

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