Friday, February 25, 2011

Outfit Of The Day --- Loose See-through Sweater & Snake Skin High Heels

Hi everyone, so this is my outfit on my first blogtv day :P  I didn't wear too much makeup and i wanted to keep it simple the first time:) so we can just sit down like friends and talk about anything:P  I got the see-through sweater in China, and the grey tank top at either wet seal or Forever 21(it's like a long time ago, don't remember:P) As for the belt, it comes with the pants i got from Kohl's. And the black skinny pants is from Kohl's (it's actually not that tight, i can still feel gaps between my legs and the I got the snake skin high heels from China too... it's very comfortable and trendy :)     

Ok so that's my little short outfit of the day, hope you guys like it as usual. Have a great weekend:)   



Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Urban Decay Naked Eyeshadow Palette Review & Swatches

Hi Everyone, so i finally got my first urban decay NAKED palette!!! I'm super excited!! This is like the best eyeshadow palette i've ever tried:) I'll talk about more in my video, sorry that the lighting is not that great, but i do have individual swatches pix in my blog:) so be sure to check it out:) Hope you guys enjoy this review and i will talk to you soon:)

P.S. Hope you like my "baby" voice at the beginning of the

(Looks like they changed the palette a little bit, instead of giving you a double-sided eyeliner, they're going to give u a eyeshadow brush, hmmm, that's something

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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Makeup Review: Urban Decay Cosmetics and Rock & Republic (

Hi everyone, so here is a makeup review for you guys:P I purchased those products  on the early january, and i am really excited to share with you guys this amazing discount website -- ! I bought some urban decay products and they were only $2 each on hautelook! No one can resist that also i do have urban decay naked palette,and i have their eyeliners too, it's just i've never tried their single eyeshadow or cream eyeliner or this gives me a good opportunity to test them out without making a big "investment" And also i've been wanted a R&R blush for a LONG time (well, not that a month or so:P), and finally it's on sale on hautelook and i got up super early that day but still missed out on some of their more popular blushes:( The blush is on sale for $16 each, so it's not a bad price for such a great quality and nice packaging blush! I think it's more reasonable price than the NARS ones. Anyway just a quick review for you guys, hopefully you will find it helpful:P  If you have any questions, pls let me know and i will talk to you guys soon! Happy President Day!


My invite for you to join Hautelook:P

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(P.S. It's ok to buy cosmetics on hautelook,but if you're looking clothes and stuff like that, be sure that it's the right size for you, cos i bought a robe from their website before, and it's marked Small, when i got it and tried it on, it's kinda big... so be careful with that, good luck:P )

FTC: I purchased all of the products i mentioned in the video myself and I'm not affiliated with hautelook:P

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My Makeup Collection& Storage

Hi everyone! hope you had a great valentine's day:P This video is to show you my makeup collection (finally:P), i actually recorded it like a long time't get a chance to put it up yet, so hopefully you enjoy it:) It's no way that i'm trying to show off or anything like that, i don't think i have that much, but more than average person, i would say? I don't't got any makeup for a while(focus on school, perhaps that's a good thing). The recent purchase is the sigma brush, i haven't decided if i would do a review on it or not:P Let me know if you're interested in it. Ok hope you guys are doing great and i will talk to you soon:P


Where i get my storage cart:
(Note: you will have to go to the store to see if they carry pink ones.)

(P.S. I know lots of ppl like to put makeup with skin care or perfume or stuff like that, for me, this is just my makeup "workshop" i like to put other stuff in the bathroom. So if you're interested in my skin care product or hair product, i will have to make another video:P)

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