Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Chinese Traditional Outfit Of The Day --- Elegant & Classy.

Hi Everyone, i know i should had uploaded this video like a week acutally i recorded it a LONG time ago:P Like i said in my new year's makeup tutorial, i would make a seperate video to show you my outfit, and here it is:)

I hardly wear this outfit out since it's so traditional and "unique", but it's nice to just hang it in the closet and appreciate its "beauty":) I love the whole design and the material, everything is just so fantasitic...If i come back to China again, i would try to get a few more outfits like that haha. It's fun to wear it around during holidays:)

I've been doing great in school, and it's my goal to get straight A at the end of the semester (well as long as i don't misread the question's the most stupid mistake you can ever make:) And I will think of filming a Vlog or something to tell you more about my school, so if you have any particular question you have about that, Pls let me know or comment below, so i know what to talk about:)

Ok the video is almost up, this friday i'm going to upload the Valentine's makeup tutorial, i'm excited about so i will talk to you pretty soon:)

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  1. Wow your outfit looks so beautiful and so do you =)


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