Saturday, February 12, 2011

V-blog--- Pacific Symphony Pops -- A Natalie Cole Valentines

I went to the Segerstrom Center for the Arts Friday night and listened to all the symphonies and Natalie's's a unforgetable experience... (Even though i came back home at almost 11pm at night and i was super Richard Kaufman is the principal pops conductor, and it's his twentieth  season  as Pricipal pops conductor of Pacific Symphony. It's amazing to watch so many musicians working together to create a whole song like that... and different instrument can create different tone and color for the music. It reminded me of 10 years ago when i was watching the pacific symphony on TV...i was enchanted... and i decided that i wanted to learn violin. (But i only got to learn the violin for a very short time cos my dad wanted me to focus on school, he didn't want me to pursuit my interest in music.) 

Anyway, the second part is all about Natalie Cole...she is such a great vocalist... But i have to say that she was still nervous when she sang the first few songs, it's not until she got to the end that she finally let out all her vocal even had a little PK with the trumpet I paid lots of attention to her gesture and facial expression. Her body was very relaxed, but she would close her eyes a lot :P But overall she is a good performer and she puts lots of personality and emotions into her singing. Also i notice that she would talk to the audience before the music starts, first it can make her feel more relaxed, and also it will warm up her vocal chord for the song. Very smart huh?  I loved it when she sang "unforgetable" with "her dad" in the big screen, she seems so relaxed and natural... it's very touching to see a daughter and a dad singing together in such a way (since her dad passed away when she just started her singing career.) Oh another thing--- she brought her own they were all dressed in black suit, very professional, and all the pacific symphony musicians were dressed in white.. black and white..interesting, they were working with each other very well !! I like music concert much better than musicals (cos it's just pure music, they put more gimmicks in musicals) it's just me, i know lots of the ppl are just the opposite... Anyway i will definiltely go to another concert!


  1. Wow... you learned to play a violin that's great! you should do a vlog video of you play something - it would be great!

    Anyways have a great weekend!

  2. i learned violin for a while and i also learned a little bit guitar, but i left both of the instrument in China, when i come back again, i will bring them here:P thanks you have a great weekend too:P


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