Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My Makeup Collection& Storage

Hi everyone! hope you had a great valentine's day:P This video is to show you my makeup collection (finally:P), i actually recorded it like a long time ago..lol...didn't get a chance to put it up yet, so hopefully you enjoy it:) It's no way that i'm trying to show off or anything like that, i don't think i have that much, but more than average person, i would say? I don't know..lol..haven't got any makeup for a while(focus on school, perhaps that's a good thing). The recent purchase is the sigma brush, i haven't decided if i would do a review on it or not:P Let me know if you're interested in it. Ok hope you guys are doing great and i will talk to you soon:P


Where i get my storage cart:
(Note: you will have to go to the store to see if they carry pink ones.)

(P.S. I know lots of ppl like to put makeup with skin care or perfume or stuff like that, for me, this is just my makeup "workshop"...lol... i like to put other stuff in the bathroom. So if you're interested in my skin care product or hair product, i will have to make another video:P)


  1. hi i just a question, i watched your collection video, and was wonder where you got your big blush palette that you showed in the beginning of your video, i absolutely luv it...please tell me please~~~thx you

    also im holding a giveaway, enter if you feeling lucky~~

    love from Canada~~

  2. Hi Jessy, i got the blush palette from a website "vogueculture.com", but i felt like i got ripped off since they charge a lot for shipping and handling:P i'm pretty sure you can find the same or similar palette on BH or other online makeup company:) good luck!


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