Friday, February 25, 2011

Outfit Of The Day --- Loose See-through Sweater & Snake Skin High Heels

Hi everyone, so this is my outfit on my first blogtv day :P  I didn't wear too much makeup and i wanted to keep it simple the first time:) so we can just sit down like friends and talk about anything:P  I got the see-through sweater in China, and the grey tank top at either wet seal or Forever 21(it's like a long time ago, don't remember:P) As for the belt, it comes with the pants i got from Kohl's. And the black skinny pants is from Kohl's (it's actually not that tight, i can still feel gaps between my legs and the I got the snake skin high heels from China too... it's very comfortable and trendy :)     

Ok so that's my little short outfit of the day, hope you guys like it as usual. Have a great weekend:)   



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