Monday, September 3, 2012

Wish Box Product No. 4 Review -

Hi guys, long time no see! The last few months have been pretty crazy. I feel like standing at a crossroad deciding the right direction for my future. A lot of questions need to be answered before i move on. Have you felt this way before? Maybe it comes with  Anyways, I hope you guys are having a great labor day! I haven't done any review for a while. 
This post is going to be a short review for a korean cosmetic/skincare subscription product- WishBox.
I haven't subscribed to any beauty product service online, but i've heard a lot 
about them. Jewelmint is probably one of the most popular online services out there. 

My first impression on the WishBox: fast shipping; nice packaging; reasonable price ($29.99. retail price: $63.4); good size products; very useful and practical; good quality (everything is made in korea) 

I am one of those people that are very anxious to try out new goodies, so I tried out each products
the next morning. First, I washed my face and put on the Pore Minimizing Pack. I love the texture of the mask. It is very refreshing, and my pores are a little bit less noticeable afterwards. 
The result was not magical, but I am pretty sure you will have better results if you use 
it more often. 

The next product i tried out is the Dr. Sun Care Perfect Sun Block. It is a pretty good size (50ml). 
I put it on my face. It goes on very smooth, and not as sticky as most sunscreen. 
At first, it seems to whiten your skin a little bit. After a few minutes, your
skin will absorb it and come back to its normal color. 

After the sun screen, i put on some BB cream (i don't like to use foundation for everyday makeup. BB cream is more convenient and natural-looking). Next step - eye shadow. The color in
my WishBox is called Morning Dew. It's very pigmented and hydrating. 
I also love the color and the glitters. It adds much more fun to 
an everyday makeup. 

Mascara is the next. It's said to be the best selling mascara of Missha. It has a unique triangular
brush, which helps to curl up the eyelashes from the roots. It also makes your eyelashes 
longer, darker. It is definitely one of the best mascaras I have ever used. 
I love the price too - the retail price is only $3.00. You can't beat that. 

Last but not least, i put on some lip gloss. The color is called No.22 bling bling red sorbet. 
I love the unique brush tip design (snowman shaped applicator is definitely dummy prove :P ). 
It is very flexible and soft. 
The lip gloss adds both sparkles and color to my lips (3D look) It also lasts for a long time as long as
i don't start eating and drinking ^^  

The only product I didn't test out is the Waterproofing system for leather (still waiting to get 
my first LV bag, maybe i will try it out then?) It is only a sample size (about 10ml. The retail product is 50ml for $86.99, very pricy).  

One last thing : since this is a korean website. Most of the product information on 
the packages are in korean. I was a little bit worried at first. Then i 
found a product information sheet in the box. 
It has all the product information in English. Phew.... It is a life saver, very helpful! 

Thanks so much for reading this post! I will have a new video coming soon^^ Have a great day!
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