Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A Day At Hollywood :)

Yeah finally i got to see Hollywood went to a restaurant called Kabuki , it's pretty cool and i ordered a lunch set that comes with teriyaki chicken and shrimp and fried veggies and three california rolls and rice and salad and soup ...whew ,it's a LOT ! but they're all in very small containers haha ....
And then i got to hang around , saw some tourist shops and clothing stores and stuff .... i wore a blue dress cos i think we should dress up if we go to the theater (even though i did see people with shorts . and i liked the musical !!! it's very touching for me , but i do prefer the movie better cos they have better voices another thing i hope it can change a little bit is the time, the muscial started at 8:00 pm , it's almost my bedtime i had to hold my yawns through the musical ...haha just kidding , anyway hope you like the outfit :)

REVIEW: Coastal Scents Palettes & Lip Pencils (100% Genuine)

Hi Everyone , so i've heard tons of people raving about Coastal Scents Products (i guess either different people have different opinions on "great quality eyeshadow" or some people didn't give the honest reviews ...) , and i decided to try it myself . The shipping is very fast and all the products are very carefully wrapped with fluffy bubbles . And i was so excited when i got my combo set 1 (including two palettes) and two lip pencils !!! i did a fall glam makeup tutorial using their 88 metal mania palette , it's usable and wearable and it's esp. good for people just like to test out different colors and try out different looks and play with the colors ,but i wouldn't say it's very pigmented ... and if you're looking for good quality eyeshadow , i wouldn't recommend their palettes to be honest .... and the eyeshadow pans in the palette keep falling out and it freaks me out BUT i do love their lip pencils ,they're very smooth and pigmented and very easy to use and the color shows up very nice !!! that's a big thumb up !!! Ok i hope my review can help you a little bit and if you have any questions or suggestions , pls leave a comment below and have a great day !!! :)

Love&Care CeCe
and here are more pix :)

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Outfit of the Day 9/25/2010 (No Special Occasion , just another day :)

 Hi,everyone , i hope all of you had a great weekend :) I went to see the preview of the movie "YOU AGAIN"on Wed (i definitely recommend that movie !!!), and i got a few outfit when i was there it's all on sale in Wet Seal , so i was like "why not" ... and this is one of the outfit i got . i really like the material and the design and like how it looks one me , if you have any questions or suggestions , feel free to leave me a comment , i will be upload the video at noon :) be sure to check it out .

On My Face: I'm using Dream Matte Moussse Foundation in Light 0 , and Rimmel Natural Bronzer ,Coastal Scents 88 Shimmer palette , and MAC Viva Glam GAGA Lipstick .

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Nail Polish Review -- China Glaze & Rimmel & Nicole & Revlon & Milani& Covergirl &Kleancolor

Hi everyone , ok today i want to do sth different for you guys --- A nail polish review !
I  don't really wear nail polish very often (i've heard people saying that it's not good for your nails , blah blah ), when i was in China , i went to nail salon a lot , cos i know where they are and it's faster (cos they're lots of customers)and more styles to choose from , i tried nearly everything out  there , it does make my nails look more fancy ! i like using nail extensions too ,but the bad thing is my nails breaks very easy ...and that could be painful sometimes So now here i am , doing nails myself (well , it's more flexible , you can do your nails whenever you want and you can choose any style and have fun with DIY )

Ok so today i used 10 different nail polishes , and i'm going to explain while you're looking at the pix :)

Ok i got this nail polish when i was in LA county Fair , it's very cheap , i think it's 3 for $5 ? so i also got two other colors . Anyway i've never heard of the brand before (KleanColor?),but if you check out their website ,they carry lots of different makeups too ...but i'm not that happy with the nail polish ,i guess you get what you pay for's kinda watery and the color doesn't stay very long :P

Ok  so they're both Milani Nail Polish , and you can get them at the local drugstores , they're $4.99 each , i got them when it's on sale for "buy one get one 50% off" . And i got them b/c i do love their lip products (i will upload a top 10 drugstore lipsticks video soon :) , so i wanted to give their nail polish a try ...but it didn't turn out as good as i thought it would be's kinda watery , but it does gives you a nail a nice color , for the price , really can't ask for more ?

Ok  this is another drugstore brand that i really like !!! and it's the same price as Milani one -- $4.99 each ,but it's not on sale when i got it  i guess the reason is b/c the nail polish has a very good quality , i like it better than the milani ones !!! it's not as watery and the color stays on very well :) thumbs up !

This is another drugstore brand that i like !!! their nail polishes have a different brush design which i like even more cos it gives you a better control and the color goes on really nice and dense !!! i don't remember the exact price ,but i think it's around $4 , i got them a while ago .... but i'm really in love with their nail polishes !!!

Covergirl ! i don't really have a lot of their makeups ... but i did a makeup look featuring their eyeshadow quad a while ago , i do like their eyeshadows , i got their nail polishes cos i really like this pink color , it turns out to be really good !!! i love how it looks on my nails and the nail polish is very dense and stays on pretty long :) and i think it's under $5 , i got them at Target :)

Ok it's Nicole by O.P.I , i guess that's why it's more pricy than other drugstore nail polishes (i got it for around $7) , the quality is fine ,it's just i don't really like how it turns out on my nails ... if you let me choose any drugstore nail polish, i would definitely go with rimmel, covergirl or revlon :)

China Glaze , very good quality , i got them at Ulta when they were on sale ($4.99 each) , their nail polishes have a wide variety of colors , and it adds natural shine to your nails (most nail polishes make your nails look dull ) so i definitely recommend China Glaze , and i found a website that carry their nail polishes ,and they're all for very low price , check it out

Ok  guys ,that's all the nail polishes i'm reviewing today and now i'm going to show you how they look on my nails any imperfections :P
Hope you all enjoy this "review" ,have a great day :)

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