Friday, September 3, 2010

Geo Circle Lense Review


Ok Here is the website that i ordered the contacts from :
This is the second time i ordered stuff from them , the first time , one of the contacts made me a little uncomfortable (i must broke it or some metal in the bottle broke it) , and i wrote to them ,they shipped me another one w/o charging me anything , and it's very fast !!! so i should have sticked with them this time instead of trying to order it from .... that  was truly a waste of time ! anyway i'm pretty happy about the contacts , and next time i'm going to do a makeup look with it have a good one !

Ok this is the look w/o any contacts on

This is the look with Xlarge Nudy Brown lense

Here is the look w/ Angel Purple lenses , these pair is a little smaller than the other one ,but it looks pretty much the same haha


  1. Wow. they look nice! Love the blue ones!

  2. love the way your curls look in the second last photo dear.


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