Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Happy Mid-Autumn Day everyone !!!

Hi Everyone , Want to know what day is it today ??? yeah it's Chinese traditional Festival -- Mid-Autumn Day /中秋節 (Zhong Qiu Jie) , i'm so excited on this special occasion , we would have three days off shool or work , and families get together and eat mooncakes !!! we also have different shows on TV or in the streets to celebrate this day I love mooncakes , there're so many different varieties .... as you can see in the pix in my video i haven't tried every kind yet ,but once i tried a mooncake with abalone in them ....SO TASTY !!! and i did try to find mooncakes in the Chinese market here , but they don't taste as good ... I miss China and miss my friends and relatives there ... hope they can feel me and hear my prayers for them ... HAPPY MID-AUTUMN DAY (祝大家中秋快樂!)
   遥遥千里暂未聚,但邀明月代传情, 月圆酒美共相福,满天祝福都送你。



  1. Yummy! Look at all those goodies! Happy Mid Autumn day to you too!

  2. thanks sweetie too bad we can't find those yummy cute mooncakes here


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