Wednesday, September 29, 2010

REVIEW: Coastal Scents Palettes & Lip Pencils (100% Genuine)

Hi Everyone , so i've heard tons of people raving about Coastal Scents Products (i guess either different people have different opinions on "great quality eyeshadow" or some people didn't give the honest reviews ...) , and i decided to try it myself . The shipping is very fast and all the products are very carefully wrapped with fluffy bubbles . And i was so excited when i got my combo set 1 (including two palettes) and two lip pencils !!! i did a fall glam makeup tutorial using their 88 metal mania palette , it's usable and wearable and it's esp. good for people just like to test out different colors and try out different looks and play with the colors ,but i wouldn't say it's very pigmented ... and if you're looking for good quality eyeshadow , i wouldn't recommend their palettes to be honest .... and the eyeshadow pans in the palette keep falling out and it freaks me out BUT i do love their lip pencils ,they're very smooth and pigmented and very easy to use and the color shows up very nice !!! that's a big thumb up !!! Ok i hope my review can help you a little bit and if you have any questions or suggestions , pls leave a comment below and have a great day !!! :)

Love&Care CeCe
and here are more pix :)


  1. Wow! What a big pallette. I always have trouble picking out what to wear with all those colors!

  2. haha yeah they're kinda big but it's fun just to test out the colors a drawing class :)


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