Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Like My new channel BG? Thanks so much my Friend !!!

Hi guys , as you can tell that i just changed my youtube channel BG
It's so fancy and girly !!! I LOVE IT !!! My friend Kalki made it for me !!!( He's spent like more than a week edit and make the BG .... and we've been sending msg back and forth to make subtle changes to the BG and make sure that everyone is happy with it , and finnaly we're done today !!!!!!!!!!!!! so happy !!! and i'm so so thankful that he would be willing to spend so much time on it !!!! i appreciate it so so much !!! i'm so lucky to have a friend like that ! i like the all the glitters and shinny stars in it and i like how he faded my pix away in the BG and how he added my channel's URL and theme on the two sides if you look closer , you will find my pix and "CeCe's Castle" in the display video's description bar  that's perfect !!! i'm kinda speechless now never thought i would change my BG .... and then one day an angel came and helped me
Ok , just a quick msg to let u guys know about my new BG and my great friend !!!
Have a great week ! Good Luck !


  1. Awww! What a wonderful friend you have!

  2. yeah i'm so so lucky !!!! youtube is a great place ... i made so many great friends here !!!


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