Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Sexy Girls Night Out Makeup Tutorial Inspired by Jennifer Lopez (American Idol Judge)

Hi everyone, so here is a tutorial for all the girls that want to look sexy and stand out at night:P It's inspired by the American Idol Judge Jennifer Lopez. I love her makeup looks. In this tutorial, i'm going to create a smoky eye look that really contours your eyes, and of course a matte nude lip color that tones down the whole makeup and makes you look more sexy. Jennifer Lopez has really thick and long upper and lower lashes, so false eyelashes are recommended for both upper and lower lashes (i didn't wear  lower false eyelashes in the tutorial because it would be too dramatic for me to go out like that during the day:P).

I also tried to come up with this look using only the Urban Decay Naked Palette, because lots of you friends requested me to do more makeup looks with that palette since it's such a great palette..lol... and I did. However, Jennifer Lopez's signature look is the red lips with subtle smoky eyes. it's just that i like the nude lips better for night out:P  Red lips are more of a statement and more formal.

Anyways, i hope you enjoy this tutorial, it's my first time using my snapshot camera to record a makeup tutorial, hope it turns out to be good:P

Don't forget to let me know what kinda of makeup you like to wear at night, you can either tweet me your makeup look pics or post the pics on my facebook fan page or you can post a video response to this tutorial, i would love to see how you guys go out at night:P

Ok, enough bubbling, hope you guys are having a wonderful day!


More pix:

I need to order some lower false eyelashes:P

Yeah, my favorite palette so far! 

Yep, it's cold... i had to wear my tinker bell sweat shirt..lol...

Hmmm, this pix kinda makes my face look weird..lol.... but it sure shows
the makeup better:P

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