Monday, January 31, 2011 Review&coupon code (Face slimming toner skin relief massager and purple USB Powered Winter hand warmers)

Hi everyone, how are u guys doing? probably are busy doing school or work like me? lol... then I'm happy that you would take your time to watch my videos and relax a little bit:) I just got out of school and now i'm wearing my "youtube hat":P  I miss the days when i can focus more on youtube:( But hard work pays off, someday i will appreciate school more! I have no trouble following instructions in my classes, so that's a good thing, and i feel pretty confident that I can get a good grade. So now I'm gradually squeeze more time for my youtube videos:P

I don't know if you could tell, but I love gadgets, some people might laugh at me, but I think gadgets are fun and they make life easier:P I would say lots of people are like me, because iphone and ipad and ipod are all considered "gadget" in some respect. Anyway a while ago, a website called "" contacted me and asked if i was interested in reviewing some of their gadgets, I was like "hey, how do you know i like gadgets?", so i went on their website :

New* 5% side wide, no expiration date, Coupon code:

And i saw tons of different gadgets there and what's surprising to me is they're very affordable!!! Also they told me all the orders from their website is free shipping which is great for me! It's just for orders under $200, you don't get a tracking number, which is fine cos how often do we track our package? I know i don't cos the package comes when it comes. We can't use magic to make it So i picked out two things from their website:

1. 8 pcs Set Face Slimming Toner Skin Relief Massager (

2. Purple USB Powered Winter Hands Warmer Gloves (

And they're under $20 together... wow that's amazing!!! It's the first time i do a review for a website, so i tried to cover good sides and "not so good" side for you guys. And all my opinions are 100% honest as usual and i'm not paid to make this video, so i hope you would enjoy this video, if you have any questions, please let me know and i will see you in my next video:) Have a great day!


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