Friday, January 7, 2011

Want to transfer your blog posts from your one blog to the other??

My Dear Followers,
       I'm so excited to figure out a way to transfer the blog posts from my old blog to the new one:) so i don't feel like someone cut a piece of meat of Well i almost had my mind set on never being able to transfer my old posts here....and i was browsing through my blog yesterday and i went to "my settings", and the first choice is "import & export blog post", i was shocked, how could i not noticed that before??? Anyway, that means i have to export my blog posts from my old blog first, so i signed in my old blog, and went to "settings" and clicked on "export blog post", it only took like few seconds...that's very fast!!! And i just signed in my new blog and clicked "import", you can choose "don't publish post", so you can decide which posts you want to publish in your new blog. So i did that, now i have like 48 posts now:) (not include this one:) I feel so excited!!! I know some of you guys probably already know this trick, but just in case you didn't know, i hope this can help you a little bit:) Just want to share my excitement with you guys!!! I will try to record more videos tomorrow, hopefully i will have lots of videos ready before school starts:)


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