Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Year's Eve Outfit & Update

Hi everyone, so this was recorded on the New Year's Eve, lots of you guys suggested me to wear something that's more casual, and that's why i wanted to show you guys my new year's outfit, cos it's very casual and comfortable and suitable for work and school:) I didn't dress up cos in chinese culture new year's not until february and perhaps i need to dress up then? but i will be sure to do a Chinese's New Year's makeup tutorial:)

Thanks so so much everyone for subbing me and supporting me for all these time, i can never get where i am today without you !!! I will talk about it more in a video or a blog post:) Just want you guys to know that i appreciate it very much and i will try to be better in 2011, meaning more videos and more blog posts, i've been trying to read stuff and do researches to improve my blog, and hopefully it will be better this year!!! Love you all and i hope the new year makes everything better and take care!!!

(P.S. I decide to make a video thanking each one of you and also give special thanks to my youtube friends,and all my subbies that write to me and comment on my video all the time:) and now i need to make a list, don't want to forget anyone!!! )

Btw, i saw something really funny at Lucille today, just want to share with you guys:)
That's the best and funniest survey i've ever seen:) very created!!!

My favorite lunch entree is BBQ Lunch Platter, i like St. Louis Spare Rib, Tri Tip and
Beef  Brisket, and of course it also comes with sweet potato fries
and a piece of watermelon, YUM!!! yeah i know you're probably wondering how
can i eat all that... i can never finish the whole thing, so i end up packing half of
it for lunch the next day !!! LOL...


  1. i am so excited to see your chinese new year tutorial! i love when you do makeup videos! i think you are one of youtubes best gurus! you put so much time and effort into your videos & it really shows! you are sweet and kind to all ur subbies,including me, and i just want you to know that i am so happy to have found you on youtube.

  2. aw you've made my day Keri...i'm so touched... your words just made everything i've done so worthwhile... thanks again my friend!!! My list of friends were already done and of course how could i not include you, my best supporter? have a good day:)

  3. aw im glad i could do that! i just thought you should know that your efforts are not over-looked & they are very much appericated =)


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