Monday, March 12, 2012

Vlog: All about my Braces - 7 months update- Overbite picture before and after

Hi everyone, so a lot of you guys have requested me to do a video about my braces, and here it is! I got my braces at the end of last July, so it's been about 7 months now! Time flies by so fast... i have to wear my braces for about 2 years. The first process is to get my teeth almost straight; the second process which i'm doing right now is to adjust my overbite by using rubber band. The last process is to do the "fine tuning" and make my teeth aligned more perfectly. Anyways, i talked more in detail about my braces in my video, so please enjoy! Hope this is helpful for you guys^^ Let me know if you have any question! 

Before my braces 

Right after i got my braces. Looks like the braces just make
any teeth look worse than they really are:P

It's slowly changing...

It's getting there.

7 months later... can you guys see the difference??? I'm very happy with the result.

Now enjoy the video:


  1. suddenly i miss my braces! mine was terrible. i had a crossbite and my teeth on my right side were all misaligned! mine took 3 years and the retainers are a pain to wear. i have a small jaw and my teeth are really huge. hahaha my teeth were such a pain. but its such a relief as well, now that they're gone and i can eat better. hope yours turn out well.. well, they should!

    1. I am sorry to hear that... so glad it was over for you! I have a small jaw and mouth there is no room for my wisdom teeth to come out. I probably need to pull them out eventually. Is wearing retainer more painful than wearing braces? Now i'm a little


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