Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Vlog - Updated What's In My Purse - Alexa Studded Leather Bag

Hi everyone, i'm CeCe. So this  is a updated "what's in my purse". I posted my last "what's in my purse" video about a year ago, and now i have a
 new purse and carry a little bit different things around with me.

So the purse i'm carryiny to school with me every day is the Alexa Studded Calfskin Leather Bag in Black . I got it from baginc.com. Before i show you guys what's inside of this purse, i want to do a brief review on this purse.

About this purse:
Made of luxurious cowhide leather
Brass toned hardware
A detachable shoulder strap
Zippered closure
Dual straps
Brass studs on base
Interior lining with back wall zip pocket and multifunctional pockets

Width 13" / 33cm
Height 11" / 27cm
Depth 5" / 12cm
Handle Drop 5" / 13cm


1.It's very durable, genuine leather, looks like a high end handbag. 
2. It's bigger than i thought; can hold lots of stuff 
3. It comes with a shoulder strap, which comes handy when both of my hands are full. 
4. I love the studded detail on the bottom of the bag. It's a very subtle fashion hint. Perfect for school, work or other occasions. 

1. The price might be a little bit too high for most consumers. However, it does have a great quality. The bag design is inspired by the real designer bag, so compared to that price range, 
it is not that out of reach. 
2. The bag doesn't stay in shape since the leather is very soft. It will only stay in shape when i put two boxes of cleaners inside.

Let's look at what's inside:

1. Electronic Dictionary - This is a bilingual dictionary. I can translate English into Chinese and vice versa. It comes really handy when i'm in a class with lots of terminology. It can also pronounce the words in both American and British accents, which is really cool.

2.My droid bionic phone charger - i love the 4G LTE. I don't know how i can get used to 3G or wireless anymore because the 4G is seriously faster than any network i've been on before. The bad side is that it consumes a lot of battery. I bought a converte so i can also charge my phone while i'm driving.

3. My wallet - it's the ninewest brand, i got it from Kohl's. I like the bright color and the size. It has a back zipper pocket where i can put all of my change in. On the inside, i only carry my ID, credit and debit cards as well as cash. I use cash most of the time, but if i order stuff online, i prefer to use credit or debit card. 

4. Then i have a cute hand held cat mirror i got from Forever 21 a while ago. It's so girly and adorable!!!

5. I also carry a box of mints with me, the reason i don't carry gums anymore is because i have my braces now and i don't to mess up my wires..lol... So this is the vermints i got from Mother's market. I ate most of them and then refilled it with regular mints. I like to eat mints in the morning and after my meals. It serves as my "coffee":)

6. I also my MP4 in here. I've shown you guys this in my China haul video last year, I like it better than  Ipod because it's more flexible.

7. I have two pens here just in case i need to write something down.

8. A bag of rubber bands. I am supposed to wear them for 20 hours a day. Basically i just take them off when i'm eating. It could be annoying at times, i guess it gives me an excuse  to not  eat so many snacks..lol... ssometimes, i forget i have rubber bands in my mouth and start biting into my food..then i was like "aw"..lol.. anyways.

9. I have my keys in here / a hand sanitizer. I have a habit now that whenever i see people sneezing near me, i would  use this. I mean who knows, he or she might have touched the door or something else that i might have touched. I know it sounds weird, but you can never be more careful when it comes to health and hygiene. 

10. I have my prescriptioned sunglasses. It's crazy because i bought a pair of prada sunglasses a while ago, but it only works when i wear contact lenses, which doesn't happen very often. so... 

11. my phone of course
12. a bag of tissues/ our school bathrooms will run out of toilet paper sometimes, esp. at night because of this crazy school budget cut... so this comes really handy.

13. My everyday makeup bag, i will show you guys what's inside in a seperate video, because there're a lot of stuff in there...lol...

Ok guys that's all i carry in my purse, it looks like a lot, but i can definitely put more in that big purse:) Hope you enjoy this post. Have a good day!

Enjoy the video!

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