Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Vlog - CeCe's Cute Dog - Pomeranian Yoshi & My first smartphone Droid Bionic

Hi everyone, yay for the second video this i think i'm finally catching This is the official introduction of Yoshi - my new pomeranian pet. I met her at a local Petco and decided to take her home for a two week trial... you guys all know what happened at the end - i fell in love with her and decided to keep her:)

She was rescued as a stray, it makes me sad to think that her old owners would desert such a sweet dog... She likes to be with me too and she is just very mellow and sweet. But she likes to play with toys too, i love watching her doing her patty so so funny ^^ She adds lots of responsibility to my "plate", but she definitely changes my life for better!!! Let me know if you guys want to see her more often:P

The second part of the video is just to show you guys my first smartphone ! It's the new dual-core LTE droid bionic, i'm in love with this phone, because it's so fast and works so well!!! I can't go anywhere without it:) Ok guys, that's it for today, i hope you enjoy this video:) I just finished filming two videos, but had to stop because my battery ran more video to film before i call it a night:) I hope you guys are having a great time too^^


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