Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Vlog 2 Living a healthy life with Fooducate - How to use Fooducate App

Hi everyone, this is just a quick vlog to introduce you guys to an app i'm in love with lately - the Fooducate App. I found out about it from a health magzine, and i had been using it ever since. It does require internet access but it's so simple to use and it gives you detailed information about a food, such as chips, breads, juice..etc. I'm very impressed with the result..lol...i used to think Naked Juice and Coco puffs are good, until i scanned them with the Fooducate..lol... Anyways, i hope you guys find this helpful and don't forget to let me know any apps you're in love with lately and i just love to exchange ideas with you guys:) have a great evening!

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