Monday, August 16, 2010

Back To School Makeup Tutorial -- Natural & Pure & Refreshing

Hi everyone , so this is the most requested makeup look and i want to upload it before the school starts (this could also be an everyday natural makeup:), hope you enjoy it !!! don't forget to comment .lol..:)

Makeup used:
* Missha Watery Primer  
* LANCHEN concealer
* MAC SPF15 Matte foundation
* MAC Format blush
* Urban Decay eyeshadow primer
* Pixi No.11 Mod Palette
* MAC Pink Bronze Pigment
* MAC Vanilla Pigment
* Palladio eyeliner pencil
* Etude shimmery eyeliner
* Lashblast volume Mascara
* MK signature 9 color Lip Compact
* Shu uemura eyelash curler
* MAC 214 short shader brush
* MAC 219 Pencil brush
* Covergirl fluffy brush
* MAC 224SE blending brush
* Essence of Beauty Blush brush

    Necklace & earings -- Kolh's
    Ring -- Forever 21
    Bracelet -- Wet Seal
Best wishes to all of you !!! and hope my video could be useful to you !!! ( you can use any similar makeup that you already have to complete this look :)


  1. Nice look :) I hope to see the video soon ^^
    Your bracelet is wonderful **

  2. thanks so much my video was already uploaded check it out , my sweet friend !!!! have a nice day !

  3. thanks so much ronnie i miss talking to you everything is fine with u !!!

  4. Your hair looks beautiful in this set of pictures - straight and with a hair clip in it - simply wonderful.

  5. aw thanks so much, i like to be simple:P


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