Wednesday, August 25, 2010

CeCe's little project today

 So let me start with my "project" --- as you could tell by most of my videos that the lighting is not the best and that's what i was trying to improve over the last few weeks i was thinking about changing to an upstairs room which has a very good natural light with two windows into a "youtube video" or  an entertainment room cos it does have the dancing wood floor and mirror in there . SO i've been trying to find some furnitures and stuff to decorate the room , and i went to office depot the other day , got a pink chair and a desk (haven't installed yet and some draw shelf for my makeup storage . and i really got a pretty good deal , the chair and the draw shelf is $39.99 and the desk is around the same price too . i'm pretty happy about all of them !!! and today i tried to install the pink chair , it took a little time ,but i did it !!! and it looks lovely !!! oh and i also got my tropical hello kitty a pink bow and the white one another outfit looks cute !!!

Actually this whole morning , i had been a dog sitter my sister has two golden retrievers , they're ADORABLE !!! and i love them a LOT !!! i help my sister wash the dogs every week and then we walk them and brush them they're pretty spoiled ...someday i have to take a video of them haha .

 Ok just want to talk with you guys and let you know what i've been doing , and yes i just got a contacts lenses shipping comfirmation today (which is like a week from when i ordered them ...yeah i know ...pretty slow ) and it will take another week or so ... SO i decide to make another video before i get the contacts , i'm thinking about doing my first skin care video will be different from what other people made and hopefully you guys will like it Ok everyone , i've been talking too much and let's have a rest and see the lovely pix

My Pink super super cute !!!


It also comes with two different covers , one is in purple and one is green

Haha do u like her new pink bow ? It matches her satin pajamas

and my white hello kitty got a new outfit ...she tells me  she likes it !!!



  1. Did you get a desk lamp or two for your lighting? It's not that your current lighting is bad, it's ok but you limited by the amount of sun at the time of recording.

  2. oh yeah , u're right'm going to install the desk first and then get some lamps do u recommend me using yellow lighted one or white lighted one ? or i was thinking about getting some lighted mirror

  3. I like the brown-skinned hello kitty. That's so awesome.

  4. oh yeah i love it, it's very cute!!!


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