Monday, August 23, 2010

Updates -- thanks my dear friend Yung !!!

My dear friends , I know i haven't uploaded a new video for a few days , and i already recorded the video and i'm going to edit it this afternoon !!!  thanks so so much for all your support !!!
And i also want to say a BIG THANKS to my dear friend Yung (his youtube channel : for making me some beats for my intros and outros !!! that's so sweet of him !!! and he said he was staying up all night to make the beats for me ....that's just so so touching to me .... i can't do enough to thank him !!! and his music and beats are great !!! i will start using his beats in my next video and you guys can see how wonderful it is !!!
There are so many wonderful people on youtube ....and i LOVE YOU ALL !!! you guys are amazing !!!  
Also i just got my new laptop , it's so so pretty and i'm anxious to install all the programs and stuff , hopefully i can start using it tomorrow or the day after    tomorrow ,      that would be amazing !!! 
Ok guys , i just want you guys to know that i've been thinking of you all the time and i have so many ideas for my future videos and  thanks for being with me , i will never let you down !!!

(btw , the bird doesn't come with the laptop :)

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