Monday, October 25, 2010

Do Not Use In The Area Of The Eye

So I'm just writing this to let you guys get more careful while playing with makeup :P 
As you  know , i got some halloween makeup few weeks ago (in my collective drugstore haul video) , and thought it would be nice if i could use any of those in my halloween makeup tutorial (in this case ,it's the marie cat makeup tutorial) , then it will be easy to find at your local drugstore and not that expensive , so when i was filming my Marie Cat inspired makeup tutorial the other day , i was testing out different makeups on my right eye (i always do my right eye first and then demo the makeup on the left eye) , And after i applied the painter's palette from fantasy makers .. i just felt a little uncomfortable  , so i stopped using it and i didn't use it on my left eye afterwards (of course i didn't read the sign about not using it in the area of the eye) . And for the rest of the day i didn't pay too much attention to it , and then all the sudden , i felt this pain in my right eye constantly ...and it even gave me a headache ... and it had been that way for a few days the day before yesterday i went to the doctor's and they checked my eyes and i told them about the makeup i used , they were teasing "most ppl wouldn't feel any difference , i guess you're just too sensitive and you can't use cheap makeup " , yeah after adding the doctor's visit bill ($100) and the medicine bill (it's ridiculous $70 for 5ml),it's the most expensive one piece makeup i've ever got Anyway i did learn from this lesson , and i hope you guys would never go through this !

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