Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Collective Drugstore Haul & Mini Review (Foundation , Nail Polish and Eyeshadow :)

check out the video here :)
Hi Everyone , so i've been planning on doing a halloween makeup tutorial for a while and it always takes so long for my stuff to ship here :P ... i don't want a week to go by w/o putting up a video , SO i decided to do a collective drugstore haul and mini review for you guys , i didn't get all the stuff on one day , kinda like two or three seperate purchases :) (and i returned lots of the stuff i got such as the L'real True Match Foundation , so the stuff i mentioned in the video are the things that i'm keeping :)I've been trying out lots of drugstore products recently cos lots of you guys wanted me to do some makeup looks using just drugstore products or recommend some great drugstore products , so i decided to try them out first myself , and quite frankly , i'm in love with lots of their products !!! The actually video is longer than this , i had to delete and combine some of the clips to make it shorter cos i don't want you guys to get "bored" but the stuff i mentioned in this video are the most important items for me , the ones i deleted are like random items and babbling Anyway i hope you guys enjoy this video and Pls leave a comment and let me know what look you want me to create for halloween , Thanks a LOT ! Love& Care CeCe

P.S. Thanks so much Jon ( to re-edit my intro clip ! now it's shorter and better !!!

Ok here are the detail pix :)

sorry it looks "gross" , cos i put it in the trunk , so the foundation got on the cap :P

My new favorite drugstore mascara !!!

i got this at walgreen , and i was thinking about using  it for halloween tutorial ,but it's kinda sticky and not that smooth , and the color doesn't show very well .

ok i got these two L'oreal nail polish cos they're on sale , so i wanted to try them out ,but they're not
that great cos you can't apply them on your nails right away , always have to wait for them get dry ....or it will get very messy :P but the "quick dry" does work :)

Another thing i got for halloween :) i like this one better than the other glitter palette cos it's very smooth and creamy , and you can mix the colors to get your own color :)

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