Wednesday, October 20, 2010

CUTEST Marie Cat / Anime Halloween Makeup Tutorial

This is my favorite character from a Disney cartoon "AristoCats" (as you can see from the intro clip) , her name is Marie , she is such a cutie and sweetie !!! and they were singing Everybody Wants To Be A Cat , i was like "hey that's it , i will do a marie cat tutorial cos everybody wants to be a cat " haha .... Anyway that's a little BG for you guys , and i know there're so many ppl on youtube doing "scary" makeup tutorials like zombies or evil queen or bloody vampire , that's why i want to do something different , something that's cute and fun and could be sexy yet not that scary (btw there will be a CeCe's Crazy "Cat Dance" at the end of the video 
check out the video here : 

Just in Case you are wondering , I'm wearing GEO Super Nudy Grey Contacts from cos i have brown eye , nudy grey contacts give me a very natural "blue" eye effect that's what Marie has , lovely blue eyes !

Here is My Review On GEO Circle lense

Ok Guys , hope you enjoy this tutorial and if you have any requests or suggestions , let me know , and have a wonderful and Magical Day !

Love & Care

A Jumbo Marie Pin  LE750

kissing my pet !

did you watch my crazy cat dance yet ?

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