Thursday, January 26, 2012

Elegant & Mysterious Valentine's Day Makeup Tutorial - 优雅情人节化妆教程

finished eye makeup

Hi everyone! Valentine's Day is coming soon, and here is a simple makeup tutorial for you guys^^ I mixed two eyeshadows together to create an elegant and mysterious feel, which is different than the common "pink" valentine's look. Hope you enjoy:)(Sorry i didn't have time to do a voiceover for this tutorial, the first week of school is simply will do voiceovers for the future tutorials^^)

Thanks so much everyone for helping me reach 10K subscribers!!! I will film the giveaway this weekend and it will be uploaded in Feburary! Stay tuned for that! My next makeup tutorial is a red carpet inspired makeup look. You guys will love it^^

Ok that's it for today, i hope you guys have a great start in school!

Product used:
Sedona 120 pro palette
Too faced eyeshadow insurance
NYX jumbo pencil in Milk
Kiss me heroine eyeliner
Physician's Formula Translucent Powder
Ardell False Eyelashes
Blush Palette
Bobbi Brown shimmer stick
Revlon Lip butter in Lollipop
L'oreal Hip lipgloss in 662 arresting

Song: Idealistic Love
Artist: Gabbie McGee

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  1. Hi Cece!
    I really enjoy watching your videos! They inspire me and you are so pretty!

    I just noticed that you look VERY much alike my favorite blogger called Foki!
    Check out her blog:

    She is a super sweet Thai girl with Gyaru influenced make-up and style.
    I already told her you guys look like each other and I told her to check out your videos! And hopefully her other readers will check out your awesome Youtube channel too!

    Hugs! // Elizabeth

    1. Dear Elizabeth,
      Thanks so much for your love and support! i checked out her blog, she is really cute!!! thanks for introducing us to each other^^ i would love to be friends with both of you :)have a great day!

    2. You're welcome! :D
      I would love to be friends with you too! ^^


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