Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Collective Haul (Black friday sale) - BCBG , Bloomingdale , Macy's , White House Black Market , F21

Hi lovely ladies and gentlemen!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! 新年快乐哦!
Thanks so much for all of your love and support in 2011!!! I truly, deeply and madly appreciate it!!!

I wanted to film a quick video to say "happy new year" and "thank you" to everyone yesterday but i had the worst abdominal pain, so i pretty much stayed in bed all day... Sorry guys. However, i was able to finish editing this video in bed :) that makes me feel better ^^ Last video of the year :)

This is a collective haul. 
The truth is
i haven't shopped like this for a LONG time because of school and taking care of Yoshi (btw, Yoshi said Hi ^^). I like to find good deals, no use paying more for the same item right? I wish i could have uploaded this video earlier so that you guys can get online and find them if you like. I believe most of the stuff are already sold out now... well in that case, it saves you some

There are pros and cons to shopping online. It is easier and faster (you don't have to fight over a parking spot). However, you can't try them on and have to wait for the shipping (it takes about a week or more).

New year is coming soon, i can't believe 2011 goes by so fast... I will start making better schedule/plan in 2012 so that i can upload video more regularly. I am also thinking about making Chinese videos if you guys want to hear me speaking except i will have to put English subtitles so non-chinese speakers can understand it too. Lots of great ideas and thoughts to explore and try in the new year^^ Let me know what you guys have in mind for 2012 resolution.

Ok, i think that's it for today. Wish you guys a great new year! It is a new beginning and let us fill our life with happiness and love:)


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  1. I love the Guess coat and the BCBG bag! So pretty!

  2. Awesome haul Cece and Happy New Year to you too!
    Love your eye makeup, is it the same one from "The Boys" tutorial? :)

    ~ Love, Kat

  3. Hi Kat, thanks so much, yeah it was the same makeup in "the boys"makeup tutorial:) i filmed them on the same day^^


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