Friday, January 13, 2012

Easy way to clean your jewelry 珠宝清洁 - Clean My Bling - Review & Giveaway ( 5 winners!!! )

Hi everyone!!! I hope you all had a great holiday^^ Can't believe i'm going back to school pretty Anyways here is another review and giveaway for you guys.

Prizes for 5 lucky winners!!!

 Latham - the owner of contacted me few weeks ago telling me how much how much his 8-year-old daughter Bailey loves watching my videos. I was very happy because I didn't realize I have such a young follower :P Anyways, he told me that bailey wanted to send me some "clean my bling". So I asked Latham if he wants me to do a review on his product also ? Obviously he was a little bit surprised since he didn't know I do reviews. Like every business owner, he asked "how much do you charge for the review". I told him, I would do it for free since his daughter is a fan of mine :) He is very generous to send me several of them to give away to you guys!!! There will be 5 winners this time and i will be shipping out them myself^^

Now let's look at this "clean my bling". First of all, it is such a catchy name. Second of all, I love how compact and travel-friendly the packing is. You can put it in your purse or carry-on when you're traveling, so you can clean your jewelry anywhere you go. There are five items in the bag:
A sheepskin pad filled with cleaning oil.
An instruction paper.
A little bottle of non-toxic cleansing formula.
A soft flannel cloth/
Two gloves.
I am really impressed with all the details.

I tried to clean one of my earrings with it, and I see a big difference between the one that is being cleaned and the one that's not.

It is such a great gift for your mom, aunts and your close friends. It is not a fancy gift but it's definitely very useful and thoughtful.

❤The retail price is $9.95 on their website, but he is willing to give a 25% off coupon code -" CeCe " to all of you guys. Here is his facebook page...

His instruction video on "clean my bling":

❤Contest ends on Feb.3 at 12:00pm PST
Here is the RULES for the giveaway.:
1.Be a subscriber. Go to my channel:
2.Like and Favorite this video.
3.Like "clean-my-bling" facebook page:
4.Post on their wall and tell them why do you deserver to win. Don't forget to tag #CeCe
5. Like my facebook fan page, copy and paste the same message you posted on their facebook page on my facebook page so I can input all the entries.

That's all you have to do, please don't copy and paste the comment here, i only count the comments on my facebook page. good luck everyone!!!

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