Thursday, February 16, 2012

My Hair Care Routine 2012 - how to take care of your hair

Hi everyone, I'm CeCe. 
So today I am going to take about my hair care routine and 
some of my holy grail hair products.

I have very fine and soft hair, also my hair is pretty damaged from all dyeing and 
perming when i visited China last June. I wash my hair every other day
because my hair doesn't tend to be oily. The shampoo i'm using is the 
Herbal essence color me happy Shampoo. I love the fact that it has lots of
 bubbles and it makes my hair feel clean and fresh.
I also like to use the L'oreal sulfate free shampoo. It's very helpful for 
those who have color-treated hair.



Now let's talk about conditioner. My hair stylist in 
China told me that when you use a conditioner, it closes your  "hair scales"? (not sure
how to say it in English). So if you use a hair mask after you condition your hair. It's not 
going to absorb it as well. That is why i don't use a conditioner before i apply hair mask. 
Also use warm water when you wash off your conditioner, don't use super hot water. 

I've been looking for a great conditioner
or a hair mask for a while. None of those products made a huge difference in my hair, 
but i finally find my hair saver. This is the Terax daily hydrating conditioner.  I use this after i shampoo my hair in the shower. Since you are supposed to let the conditioner absorb for a few minutes, i would use a hair clip to keep my hair on the top of my hair while i am washing my face and body. Then i would rinse it off with warm water and  pat my hair dry with this hair towel. Don't rub your hair. 

Once a week i would use a deep conditioning hair mask - macadamia deep repair masque. This is the bomb! My hair feel so soft and smooth afterwards. It's like i went to a professional hair salon. Have you ever wondered why your hair looks so great after you go to a hair salon and you can never re-create that same effect? It definitely has something to do with the products they use! I never thought i would achieve the same result at home.

Usually i would let my hair naturally dry for a while and then apply this bio infusion serum to my root, just to keep it healthy. i would squeeze it to my palm and spread it out to my fingers, just massage it onto my scalp. I would use a blow dryer when it's about 50-60% dry. The hair dryer i'm using is the babyliss pro hair dryer. i did a "how to blow dry my hair video", so if you haven't seen it yet, be sure to check it out. of course i would use the heat protector spray on my hair before i blow dry my hair. 
After that, i would either straighten it or flatiron my hair depending on how much time i have. 

I also did a tutorial on both curling and flatiron my hair. i tend to curl my hair more often now since it gives more volume to my hair. I would take bigger sections and curl the ends, since it's faster. And afterward, i would use this white sand finishing spray. This spray is seriously the best one i've used so far! I have very soft and fine hair, so it's really hard to keep my hair in style...but this one keeps my hair curled even the next day! i was really amazed by the power of this finishing spray. My hair style has never stayed for so long.... 

Ok guys, that's all for my hair care routine, i hope this is helpful for you guys, have a 
great weekend and i will talk to you soon^^

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