Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sexy & Cheap Outfit Of The Day (OOTD) - shoulder-off dress & review

Hi everyone, here is a new OOTD & short review for you guys:) i apologize for the lack of videos lately, my families are visiting, so i'm out accompanying them all day:) I pre-recorded a few videos, but since i have green screen now, it takes me longer to edit every video...but i'll try my best. Hope you like this outfit and have a great day! As you can see, i have my braces, and i already recorded a video to tell you guys how to take care of braces:) it will be uploaded soon. Btw, i was wearing the selena gomez "a year without rain" makeup in this video, the makeup tutorial is coming soon^^

Links to the outfits i mentioned in the video:

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★Recommended makeup brushes for beginners and professionals:

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  1. Hi CeCe. It's p0ck3tp3ar and I am subscribed to your blog now =)


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