Monday, August 1, 2011

China Trip / Summer Vacation Highlights (Food, City , Shopping & KTV & My singing) - 中国之旅

Hi everyone, here is another video for you guys:) It's all the highlights from my trip to China this summer:) I showed you guys the food i got to eat, some city views and shopping malls/areas as well as my favorite place to go relaxing - KTV. You can listen to my singing for the first time at the end of the movie:P so stay tuned^^ i love singing, but i can't say i'm a pro or anything... just an interest:) I wish i could show you guys more, but lots of places in China don't allow pix / video taking... so i'm trying my best to show you guys as much as i can, hope you enjoy! have a great week!
(I'm feeling much better now, the braces don't bother me as so new video will be recorded soon:)

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