Thursday, December 22, 2011

Target Haul- Cosmetics and Pajamas - ( great deal - sales and coupons )

Hi everyone!!! Lots of you guys have requested me to do a haul video and here it is - a haul from Target :)
I went to target a day before thanksgiving (i know that's like a long time I filmed the haul video with my other hair tutorial, that is why i was wearing the same outfit:P I was super busy with finals, so i didn't get to edit the video right away (it takes me about 4 straight hours to edit my video).

Anyways, i finally finished editing and hope you guys like the haul ^^ I did lots of shopping on black friday too and i already filmed the haul video as well as another kpop inspired makeup tutorial for you guys, i will have them edited as soon as possible:)

It is my birthday today (yay!) thanks so much for those who wished me "happy birthday" on Facebook, you guys are so sweet! I wanted to reach 10,000 subbies today... even though my wish didn't come true, i will still host a giveaway as soon as i reach that number:) You guys deserve it ^^

Guess what, i have my impacted wisdom teeth removed this morning..and i'm sitting on the bed right now with a chipmunk Just want to get the video uploaded so i can start resting :) Hope you guys have a great holiday !


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