Saturday, July 9, 2011

Asian Outfit Of The Day & Update - Fashion from China (OOTD)

Hi everyone, this is the first video i made since i came back...sorry that i couldn't upload it sooner, i had been sleeping a lot lately (jet lag...). But i'm finally gettting adjusted to the new time, and i'm going to make more videos for you guys! All the stuff i was wearing were from China (well, except for the pink belt). I have lots more stuff to show you guys including shoes, clothes, beauty gadgets, leggings, underwear (yeah i bought lots of cute, beauty products and more, i don't think i can show them all in one video, so i'm thinking of showing the clothes and shoes through outfit videos, and then make seperate videos for other items? comment below and let me know:)
Ok guys, i hope you like this outfit of the day video and i'll talk to you guys soon!

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