Saturday, April 2, 2011

❤Japanese Gyaru Inspired Makeup Tutorial ( ❤ 日本封面女孩彩妆教程

Hi everyone, so here is another tutorial for you guys, it's inspired by Japanese Gyaru:) (Gyaru means girl in Japanese). It's a very popular makeup trend in Japan, you can see this look used in magazines, makeup packaging and stuff like that. (This look would be better if you have a light brown wig on :P) Sorry i couldn't do a voiceover on this video because i had a fever last night and today i can't even talk..i think i must get some kinda flu or infection in my troat:( I hope i'll feel better soon, feel bad when i can't do stuff that i want to do:) I also want to introduce to you guys a great high end makeup discount website ---, i bought lots of stuff from their website, it's a much better deal than buying stuff from Sephora or MAC stores. If you like high end makeup, but want to save money for other stuff, this is an ideal website for you. All right guys, hope you like this tutorial, i'll talk to you soon:) take care, don't get sick like i did:) have a great weekend!


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❤Smashbox Cheek Contour Palette

❤POP hotpot Liner: No.2 Bronzedout

★"Transmission" by Panda's Transport

★"Lasciati Andare" by Soul David

♫ Outro Music: Down on your knees
Artist : DJcomeofage
Company: DJ Consortium (ASCAP)

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  1. i just wanna know what lashes did u used on this tutorial?

  2. i got the lashes from ebay, it's called "three trees", i just combine two lashes together.


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