Friday, November 26, 2010

Follow CeCe To Hawaii -- part1. Kauai

Hi Everyone! Finally i got a chance to update my blog:) There were so many things to catch up with when i came back, but now i feel like everything is back to normal:)

It's a 5 hours' flight to Kauai, it was dark when we got there, we were both very tired:P Good thing i slept for a while on the plane,and also watched a movie that i wanted to see in the theater "Despicable Me"(it was pretty funny,but it's not a movie that i would want to see over and over again)  It was a pretty small airport and there's only one main road on the island, that saved us from bringing a portable GPS, but it was very hard to make a turn or merge into the traffic. We found a SafeWay on the way to the condo and the grocery there was like twice as expensive as the grocery here... i guess we're paying for the shipping? Oh i forget the first impression of the island is "it is so humid". Actually it's what i'm used to, i like humid weather, except that you might need to take showers all the time during summer, it does keep your skin moisturized !
Ok now i'm going to talk about what we did on the island:)

1. Waimea Canyon Lookout and the NaPali Coastline. It took about one day to do that cos the road was really narrow in the canyon and it has so many sharp turns and stuff, you might want to stop once in a while to take a nice pix of the scenery, i guess that's what made the driving longer :P When you get there, you would see some spectacular stuff !!! if you're a professional photographer,you will definitely get some great shots! we were pretty lucky cos most of the time the mountain top would be covered with fog and rain and it's really hard to see anything. The day we went there, it's very clear :)

2. Horseback Riding & Zipline. This is on my wishlist of things to do in Hawaii :) i know it sounds weird cos most ppl would want to do snorkling,surfing and other water activities there, but i can't swim :(  I don't know i guess i just don't feel comfotable in the water. Ok back to topic, i had a great time riding the horse:) it was easier than i thought but was still very bouncy:) i've heard that riding a horse can tighten your legs:) so that's a big plus:) I only wish they could allow us to go faster than just "walking", that would be fun, well not really cos when my horse started to run, i did get freaked out, lol...Now about the Zipline, it might look very scary, cos you have to be so high up in the air and it could be very fast (well depending on your weight ), that's why i screamed  the first time, and believe me, every one there kinda expected me to scream, so why not just do it, lol... Best Advice, just relax and enjoy the ride,it's very safe and stable and you would feel like you were a bird:) 

there's a rainbow in the pix,i know it's hard to tell but it's really pretty in person and i love rainbows:)

3.Sunset Dinner Cruise. I have to admit that it feels so different when you're on a boat in the ocean, it took me a while to settle down and get used to the waves. It's better just to stand up so that you can see the waves coming up and get prepared for it :) We were pretty lucky cos the water was very calm, we even got very close to the caves and waterfalls,so that's good:) And of course i enjoyed watching the sunset:)

4.Food & Shopping. Well we didn't get to a Luau, but i had some curry chicken and some kinda duck (yeah,i love eating meat:) and i love their fruits the most:) i had a bowl of freah fruit every morning, that's the best !!! As for the shopping, i love walking around their gift shops and i did find something i like, perhaps i should do a video? well just let me know:)

Ok that's all for today, hope you guys like it and have a great holiday!!!


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